9/21/2019 Style Tip Saturday: 5 Ways to Wear a Button up

I love a good button up! Since this leopard print button up got a lot of love on my Instagram post I decided to share with you 5 ways to wear it! I will show you how to take that button up from work, to brunch, to date night!

Pair your button up with fun faux leather leggings for the perfect date night look!

For the ultimate girls brunch look, pair your button up up with cut offs and flatforms. So cute, yet casual!

I love rocking a button up with a pencil at the office. The perfect balance of feminine and power! It looks professional yet you still get to show your personality.

This outfit is giving me all the fall vibes and I am loving it! For the perfect fall look pair your button up with jeans, a duster and booties.

Pair your button up with black jeans, a denim jacket and heels for the ultimate girls night out look. This look is both fun and casual but still looks put together!

Which look is your favorite? Its so hard for me to choose a favorite, I love them all!

Drop a comment below telling me your favorite way to rock your button up!

How to Accent Your Waist

Want to add the illusion of curves to your shape? We can’t all be bootylicious like Beyonce. But there are some tricks to help define your waistline and give you the appearance of an hourglass shape instead of the nice rectangle-ish shape I got going on.

(disclosure: still love your body and all the great things it does! We can grow and feed humans with our bodies! That is some superhero isshhh!)

The Tips, The Down Low, The Good Stuff

  • High waisted bottoms– High waisted bottoms should hit right at or just below your belly button. High waistlines emphasize the smallest part of your silhouette and are super flattering for your shape! Make sure to tuck in your tops when rocking those high waisted mom jeans to define your waist even more.
  • Belt it- Belts not only define your waist but they also draw the eye right to it! Make sure your belt isn’t too thick because that can actually have the opposite effect and give you the appearance of a larger midsection.
  • A good bra- Don’t underestimate the power of a good bra girl. A proper fitting bra will lift up and seperate the girls, which helps define your waistline. And honestly, after breastfeeding for over a year the girls need all they help they can get!
  • Peplum tops-A structured peplum top is a great way to add definition to your waist. A peplum top comes in at the natural waist and flares out to create the illusion of a hourglass shape.
  • All the dresses– Dresses like fit & flares, wraps and A-lines will be your best fraaannnd girl! These styles will cinch in that waist and flare out below to give you them curves.
  • Colorblock- Look for colorblock dresses with dark side panels that taper in at the waist and have a lighter color front panel. Colorblocking is a great way to trick the eye! Our eyes tend to skip over the side panels and only focus on the light front panel. Voila, instant curves.
  • Sleeves- Sleeves that end at or around the elbow draw the eye to your waistline.
  • Lower necklines– Low necklines, especially the plunging kind, will bring one’s focus down towards the waist.
  • Wide leg pants– I love me some skinny jeans but a nice wide leg jean like a boot cut, flare or even bell bottom creates more shape. Skinny jeans tend to make us look like one long unshapely line.

Some Examples


I love love love love my boyfriend jeans and a classic t-shirt but they aren’t very flattering styles, as you can see!


Use these tips to create some curve and start lookin’ booytlicious girl. I don’t think anybody will be ready for that jelly haha! If you don’t get that reference than you obvi weren’t a huge Destiny’s Child fan back in the 2000’s like I was. But thats ok, Youtube the song and dance to it while cleaning the house. Your hubby and kids might look at you like you are crazy but its a good throwback, I promise!

How to Style White Jeans

This Style Tip Saturday is all about stylin’ those white jeans girl!

I love a good pair of white skinny jeans. There are so many ways to wear them. And the good news is you only really need one pair of white jeans to get you by!

Before I get into the good stuff, I’m going to go over the age old rule of “no white after Labor Day”. This unspoken rule has scared the white pants off of us ladies (literally, right?) for far too long.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day marked the end of summer and it was back to the grind for most. And what do we tend to wear in business settings? Dark clothing. In the late 19th century, white clothing was considered vacation or leisure attire. So naturally, once summer was over everyone would pack away their light weight, breezy and white clothing items.

My, oh my have times have changed since 1894! So do we still have to follow that “no white after Labor Day” rule? The answer is HECK NO! Girl, rock those hot mama white jeans all year round. And I’m going to show you how! 😉

Pair your white jeans with a plain t-shirt, cardigan and ankle boots.

Create the perfect fall look with a sweater, white skinny jeans and a cute pair of sneakers.

For all things fall rock your flannel, vest and white jeans with some ankle boots.

I love classic looks. Create this look by pairing your white skinnies with a button up and flats.

You can never go wrong with a striped t-shirt, white jeans and slip on shoes!

Dress up your white skinny jeans with a blazer and flats or heels.

This is my current favorite outfit. Comfy camo t-shirt, white skinny jeans and slip ons.

Don’t be afraid to go white on white! Combine your favorite white blouse with those white skinny jeans.

For the ultimate beachy vibes, rock a flowy top with wedges and those white skinny jeans.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and a form of self expression. So throw all those fashion “rules” out the door and wear whatever you want!
Heck yes we can wear those white jeans all year round! And now you know just how to rock ’em!

Maternity Activewear

I was 7 months prego with little miss Astyn here!

This one is for my mamas who want to move their bump!

We see more and more moms-to-be on Instagram killing a workout with her cute bump and super cute workout gear. I was lucky enough to be able to workout right up until I gave birth to our little girl. Boy am I glad I did. I don’t know how I would have done 22 hours of labor without the stamina I built up from exercising throughout my pregnancy. It is no lie when they say giving birth is like a marathon!

**(If you were already active before getting prego, you should be able to get some pump with your bump. Make sure to consult with your OBGYN and get the go ahead first!)

I have to be honest, there is not much out there. I was a little disappointed in the selections and how many stores didn’t have any maternity activewear. But maybe brands will see that more and more mamas are exercising and they will start offering more options!

Now, lets get to it!

1) Old Navy

You gals know I love me some Old Navy! They have a good maternity selection all around and quite a few options in the athletic wear department.

  • The maternity activewear has the following fabric technology: Go Dry, moisture wicking, 4 way stretch, anti-chaffing & side ruching)
  • Tops costs $20!
  • Leggings are around $28-$40 and are equipped with elasticized waistband with slight compression.
  • You can snag some maternity shorts for $18.
  • I could not find any maternity or nursing sports bras on their website. Bummer!

2) GapFit Maternity

Gap is always a good go to! They have one of the best and biggest range of options for maternity activewear.

  • Gap’s athletic wear pieces have Go Dry, moisture wicking, anti-chaffing and 4 way stretch technology. Their sports wear is breathable and super soft.
  • Gap’s bottoms are priced from $45-$90. Some of their leggings have a crossover waistband in the front that cradles the belly, others have the elasticized full panel waistband and their shorts have an elastic band with a drawstring.
  • Gap has an awesome selection of tops. They have racerbacks, tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve tops. The tops run from $30 to $50.
  • You can get low and medium impact sports bras that are also nursing bras! Those bras will cost you $50.

3) H&M Mama

H&M doesn’t have a specific maternity athletic wear line but they do have a few options for you fit mamas to be! And those options are super affordable.

  • H&M leggings cost anywhere from $13-$35 and are quick dry.
  • H&M has a ton of cotton tanks and t-shirts. Some of their tops are double layer which is great if you plan on nursing. Their tops are priced around $15-$30.
  • There are a ton of nursing bra options at H&M but unfortunately none of them are sports bras.

4) Target’s Isabel Maternity

Target, every mom’s sanctuary. I LOVED Target’s Isabel Maternity line when I was pregnant. And lets just keep this between us gals; I totally still rock my maternity tank tops from Target. I love that they don’t have the side ruching, so can’t even tell they are maternity tops.

  • I loved Isabel Maternity’s leggings! They are thick, comfy and pass the squat test. The leggings have a crossover panel in back that keeps you cool while still supporting the bump. They are also anti-microbial, moisture wicking and have 4 way stretch. The leggings come in sizes XS-XXL, 1X-4X and cost $30-$37.
  • Target does not have any specific maternity athletic wear tops but they have plenty of cotton tanks and t-shirts you can wear while working out.
  • Target has two maternity/nursing sports bras to choose from. There is the Auden bra for $19 that comes in three colors and sizes XS-XL. Then there is the Bamboobies bra that comes in pink and sizes S-XL for $30.

5) Pink Blush

Pink Blush has a lot of options when it comes to maternity activewear! I have a few Pink Blush pieces and they are great quality and super cute.

  • Pink Blush has a big selection of shorts and leggings to choose from. Their bottoms are cute and trendy with that oh so helpful elasticized waistband. Pink Blush’s athletic wear bottoms come in sizes S-XL, 1X-3X and are priced from $29-$48.
  • Pink Blush also has a lot of tops to choose from. The thing I love about their tops are that they are designed to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. You can snag some Pink Blush tops for $21-$42.
  • They have the BEST selection of maternity sports bras I have found so far. And they are so cute and trendy. Their sports bras come in sizes S-XL and are priced from $18-$50.

6) Motherhood Maternity

I don’t know about you but when I think of maternity clothing the first store that pops into my head is Motherhood Maternity. It is one of the few stores solely dedicated to maternity wear. While they only offer maternity wear, unfortunately their activewear selection is lacking. They do have a few options but I hope they are working on expanding their athletic line for those active mamas.

  • Motherhood’s leggings come in sizes XS-XL, 1X-3X and cost around $22-$30. Their leggings are designed to be worn during both pregnancy and postpartum with their SecretFit belly waistband.
  • They have a a decent variety of tops, jackets and sweatshirts to choose from. Motherhood’s tops do not have any fancy fabric technology, just your standard cotton and jersey. Their tops are priced from $15-$40.
  • Motherhood Maternity only has ONE (yes, one) sports bra. It is also a nursing bra. I have to be honest here, it does not look supportive at all. If you want to give the bra a try, it costs $20.

7) A Pea In the Pod

I would say most of A Pea In the Pod’s activewear is really lounge wear but they do have some really cute leggings. They have a lot of super trendy joggers to choose from and who doesn’t love a comfy, cute jogger?!

  • Their tops are priced from $25-$110 and like I said before, they seem to be mostly lounge wear. They do have a few actual work out tanks to choose from.
  • A Pea In the Pod has some cute and trendy leggings. They have camo, floral and color block, etc. Their leggings cost $58-$188. The good news is they seem to always have a sale or a discount code you can use.
  • Like Motherhood Maternity, A Pea In the Pod only has one maternity sports bra in sizes 32D-38G for $65. Fortunately, their bra looks much more supportive than Motherhood’s.

8) Fitta Mamma

Fitta Mamma is a brand that only offers maternity activewear. Their clothing is on the pricey side but they are specifically designed to support you and your bump in all the right places during an intense workout. And their sportswear pieces are designed to be worn during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Fitta Mamma’s leggings are double layered with a rollover waistband to support your back and bump. They are soft, breathable, moisture wicking, anti-chaffing and have cool dry technology. Their leggings come in sizes XS-XL for $66-$96.
  • Their tops have a triple layer crossback for optimum support and a firm waistband to support your hips and belly. Fitta Mamma’s tops are also moisture wicking, anti-chaffing, have an inner bra and high performance fabric with stretch and shape retention. Their tops come in sizes XXS-XXL and cost $47-$100.
  • They have low and high impact sports bras for $60-$80.

9) Senita Athletics

Senita has such cute and trendy pieces. They don’t have a lot of options but the activewear that they do have is great quality and adorable!

  • Senita tops come in sizes XS-XL for $26. Their tops have side ruching, great stretch, excellent recovery and are pre-shrunk.
  • I can’t get enough of their leggings! Senita leggings come in sizes XS-XL and are priced from $33-$41. Their leggings have a crossover back panel to keep you cool while supporting that bump. They have side pockets, a comfy belly band, are light weight and squat proof.
  • I love Senita sports bras! The sports bras are $28-$32 and have hook clasps in front (for nursing), adjustable straps, medium impact support and a pocket in the back! Yay for pockets!

10) Asos Mamalicious

Asos has a large selection of leggings and tops but few of them are actually workout clothing. But their leggings are super cute and super affordable. They even have some leggings with a long inseam. Tall girl win!

  • Asos leggings are available in sizes 00-16 and XS-XL. Like I mentioned above, some of their leggings have a long inseam for us tall gals. Asos leggings are high rise with an elasticized waistband. Their leggings cost around $16-$45.
  • Most of Asos’s tops are cotton or jersey t-shirts and tanks, so nothing with fabric technology. The tops are simple yet have darling details that make them stylish. You can snag some Asos maternity tops for $16-$35.
  • Asos has a decent selection of maternity/nursing bras but none are sports bras. You could get away with rocking their bras to yoga but I wouldn’t suggest running or doing a high intensity workout in one. Their bras are priced from $16-$51.

11) Gaya Maternity

Gaya has a very small selection but their pieces are specifically designed for active mamas. Gaya has two lines that I will cover in detail below.

  • No Stopping Me line– These leggings are low rise in the front with a panel that cradles the belly, anti-chaffing, has pockets and a mesh triangle on the waist to adjust tightness. The tank is light weight, sweat wicking, ventilated, anti-chaffing, 4 way stretch, an inner bra, crisscross straps and a soft elastic band on bottom to offer more bump support. The leggings are $45 and the top is $49. This line is ideal for running and high intensity training.
  • Double The Fun line– These leggings are high rise with a foldable waistband, anti-chaffing, 4 way stretch and have pockets! The top has side elastic bands with ruching that grows with your bump, long length with 4 way stretch and moisture wicking. The leggings are priced at $59 and the top is $49.

12) Nestling & Co.

Nestling & Co. offers adorable clothes for affordable prices. And they have a decent selection to choose from.

  • Nestling & Co. leggings are $20-$30 and have an adjustable waist that grows with you. And you can still rock them postpartum.
  • They don’t have any specific activewear tops, just a bunch of tanks and tees. Their tops are pretty basic with some cute details and cost $12-$23.
  • Nestling & Co. unfortunately does not have any maternity/nursing sports bras but they do have a decent selection of regular bras from $40-$60.
What a difference in just a few weeks! Hello belly 😍

You can always do what I did and rock some oversized activewear. I just went to our local thrift store and picked up a few pieces in a bigger size. I knew I was only going to need them for a short amount of time, so I didn’t want to invest a ton of money. You do you boo boo❤️

How to Style a Pencil Skirt

This Saturday’s styling tip is all about the pencil skirt!

We all know how to dress them up but how can you wear them outside the office? Check out the below pictures for a few ideas of how to wear that good ol’ pencil skirt to coffee or a casual lunch date!

Try pairing your pencil skirt with a denim button up and some cute flats for a cute and casual look.

Wear an oversize sweater tucked in to your pencil skirt with some sneakers or ankle boots.

I love t-shirts with little details like this flutter sleeve. Rock your pencil with a cute t-shirt tucked in or tied up. You’ll look put together with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Win-win!

For the ultimate beachy/summer vibes try pairing your pencil skirt with a tank top, sandals and a sun hat.

Last but definitely not least, tuck in or tie up your favorite graphic tee and complete your outfit with some sneakers for a super comfy but cute look. Tie a button up around your waist for a little extra somethin, somethin. If you get cold, you’ll be happy you have it. Sorry, that was the mom in me haha!

Nursing Mom Must Haves for First Few Days Home

Fed is best but this one is for my breastfeeding mamas.

Your body has been pushed to the limit, you’ve probably gotten little to no sleep and now you’re home and 100% responsible for this sweet little babe. The last thing on your mind is how you look. So lets focus on how you should feel. Comfortable.

You’ll likely have a boob monster attached to you every two hours, so you will need clothing that makes it easy to whip those puppies out at the drop of a hat. Here is a list of pieces I found to be essential in the first few weeks as a first time breastfeeding mom.


A robe was my most beloved piece of clothing postpartum. I searched for weeks for a robe that wasn’t fleece and am I glad I did because holy hormones! No one tells you about the hot flashes and night sweats that plague you after having a baby. If we can be real, you are sore all over after having a baby, likely dealing with engorgement and you probably don’t want to wear anything restricting. A robe is comfy, loose and makes it super easy to nurse on demand. And we know when babies demand the boob, they want it NOW!

My husband surprised me with the Natori robe pictured above. I would have never splurged on it for myself but he has his sweet moments. The Natori robe is incredibly soft and lightweight. And it has pockets, which are even more handy as a mom!

You can get one for yourself on Amazon via this link (see disclaimer below):


Button Down Pajamas

If I wasn’t in my robe, I was in my pjs. Button down pajamas were so comfy and cute enough that I didn’t feel the need to change when we had visitors. The button down pajama top allowed easy access to the girls, which was crucial.

You can get the pajamas shown above via the link below. I also got a few pairs from Walmart. The Walmart pajamas did the job but the light colored set I bought were quite sheer and thin.




Tank Tops

I have said it before and I will say it again, Target maternity tanks are a blessing. I found the neckline to be stretchy enough for me to feed my daughter with ease. I also had a few nursing tanks that clip down in the front and pull down. The clip tanks were very handy but I found that the clips dug into my skin and were a tad uncomfortable due to that. Tank tops were great for keeping me as cool as possible during those hormonal hot flashes while making it easy to breastfeed.





Nursing Bras

The best advice I received regarding clothing while breastfeeding was to purchase two types of nursing bras. The pullover kind with no clips to sleep in and bras that clip down in the front for day. Chances are you are getting little to no sleep to begin with. You don’t want to be annoyed with the clips digging into you while you try to catch some Z’s. Below are links to my favorite nursing bras that I purchased from Motherhood Maternity and Walmart.


Motherhood Maternity Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra



Motherhood Maternity Jessica Simpson Seamless Jacquard Nursing Bra


Loving Moments by Leading Lady Nursing Bra from Walmart


Nursing Pads

Me being the “hippie” I am, purchased some reusable breast pads from Bamboobies. They were so soft, absorbent and kept me from ruining my tops and awkward moments. Some women don’t leak but you never know until you are in the thick of it, so better to be prepared than not. And if you do leak, you know all it takes is a crying baby or a long nap for it to look like the dam has broken. Link below to get you some. You’ll thank me later!


These were my must have clothing items during my first few weeks as a new breastfeeding mama. I would love to hear what your must haves were. Drop a comment below and share the wealth girl!

13 months and going strong! The bonding is amazing and worth all the struggles!

**DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for me to earn fees by linking to amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Postpartum Jeans: New Mom, Need Denim.

Now that you have grown and birthed a tiny human with your body, how do you dress it?! The struggle is real. Our bodies have changed in ways we never could have imagined. Our hips and internal organs have shifted, we have this super cute mom pouch and we may have even gone up a shoe size. What the heck! And don’t even get me started about the boobs. But I am here to help you get your shine back, girl!

When shopping for postpartum jeans look for denim with at least 2% spandex, Lycra or elsatane content, high rise waist and/or elastic waistband. C-section mamas should look for a high rise of 8 to 10 inches to avoid irritation of your incision.

Below is a few of my and my fellow mom friend’s favorite postpartum jeans with descriptions and links.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

These are my personal favorite! I wore these pre-pregnancy and they are my go to jeans postpartum. I am 6 feet tall , so finding jeans that are long enough is an endeavor but these are perfect for tall gals. You can snag a pair for $35.

  • 3 inseams- Small 27″, Regular 29″, Long 32″
  • 70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% Lycra


Old Navy Rockstar Jegging

When I don’t feel like adulting 100% that day, I turn to jeggings and these are my JAM! They have a elastic waistband and just the right amount of stretch. The Rockstar jeggings are basically my eating pants. I wish I could say I only needed them for Thanksgiving, but ya girl likes to eat. The Rockstar jeggings are $40 but worth every single penny!

  • 3 inseams- Regular 29 1/2″, Tall 32 1/2″, Petite 28″
  • Elastic waistband
  • Faux fly
  • 58% cotton, 32% polyester, 10% spandex


Target Comfort Fit Post Pregnancy Jeans

What mom doesn’t love Target?! And their prices! The Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel line at Target now have jeans specifically for us postpartum mamas and they only cost $30. I love this maternity line from Target and still wear some of my maternity pieces. But shhhh, that is just between me and you.

  • 3 inseams- Regular, Tall, Petite
  • High rise waistband
  • Power Stretch technology that sculpts & shapes
  • 91% cotton, 7% recycled polyester, 2% spandex


Motherhood Maternity Bounce Back Jeans

These babies are great for sucking in and hiding the mom pouch with the tight compression and seamless waistband. It is really important to note that these jeans are specifically for postpartum and should NOT be worn during pregnancy due to the compression waistband. There are a few different options in the Bounce Back line and cost between $40-$55.

  • Cotton & spandex blend (website did not list exact breakdown)
  • High waist compression band


American Eagle Next Level 360 Highest Waist Jegging

They are not kidding with the title “Highest Waist Jegging”. These are next level with a high waistband of 11 3/4″. These jeggings would be great for c-section mamas and run for $50.

  • SUPER high waistband- 11 3/4″
  • Medium weight denim
  • Lycra DualFX technology
  • 92% cotton, 7% polyester, 1% elastane


Everlane High Rise Skinny

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out some Everlane denim yet but I have friends who rave about their jeans. Everlane uses an innovative fabric that is form fitting, flattering and comfortable. A pair of Everlane’s are priced at $68.

  • 11″ high waist
  • 87% cotton, 12% elasterell-p, 1% elastane


Loft High Waist Skinny

I absolutely love the style and quality of Loft clothing but due to the higher prices I only shop their sales or outlet store. I have to balance my coffee and clothing budget. And we all know how important coffee is to a mom. These high waisted skinnies will cost you $79.50.

  • High waist- 10 3/4″ rise
  • 3 inseams- Regular, Petite, Plus
  • 91% Cotton, 7% polyester, 2% elastane


Express Mid Rise Skinny

Express is another store I only shop sales. Their styles and quality are amazing but I always feel mom guilt when I spend a little too much on myself. That is something I need to get over because we deserve to treat ourselves every once and a while! You can treat yo-self to a pair of these skinnies for $79.90.

  • 3 inseams- Short, Regular, Long
  • Cotton, poly & spandex (website did not specific amounts)


J Crew High Rise Toothpick Jean

J Crew is another treat yo-self brand for me. I love shopping the J Crew Factory (their outlet store) to score some new pieces for a fraction of the price. My mama friend’s rave about these puppies. They say the fit and quality are on point. The Toothpick jean costs anywhere from $98 to $110 depending on the wash.

  • High rise waist- 9″
  • 79% cotton, 17% polyester, 4% elastane


Levi Mile High Skinny

Levis were the ultimate mom jean back when I was a kid, so it only makes sense they are all the rage now. I love the fit of Levis. They are snug in all the right places to flatter your curves. Levis aren’t the cheap jeans they were back in the day and are priced at $100.

  • Ultra high rise- 10.85″
  • 4 inseams- S 28″, M 30″, L 32″, XL 34″
  • Extra skinny leg
  • Extreme stretch
  • 85% cotton, 9% elastomultiester, 6% elastane


If you still want to rock your maternity jeans or leggings that is totally ok! You earned the right, girl. You can also use a belly band with your old jeans. I used a belly band with my regular jeans in the early days of my pregnancy and it worked just fine. I am sure the hairband trick will do the job as well. But in all honesty, lets cut ourselves some slack. You just made and brought a human being into the world. You are a freakin’ superhero, mama!

**DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for me to earn fees by linking to amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Essential Winter Wardrobe Pieces

I have been scouring the internet researching what all the fashionista’s claim are their essential pieces for this winter. So far I have seen fur coats, leather caps, corduroy blazers and a pair of feather heels for $1,200. Not feasible for you? Yeah, me either. Maybe next year! Below I am going to breakdown the basic wardrobe essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe for winter but can also transfer into other seasons. I’m all about getting more bang for my buck!

Black Leggings

Leggings are a MUST have all year round! Not only do they pretty much go with everything but are probably the most comfortable item you own. They go great with an oversized sweater in the winter, super cute with a denim button up in the fall or an oversized t-shirt during spring and summer. Usually I love a good deal and hate to shell out a lot of dough on anything but I don’t skimp when it comes to leggings. I absolutely love the ponte leggings from White House Black Market. The quality is superb, they are so soft and your panties won’t show through when you bend over. The struggle is real. We all do the bend over test in the mirror when buying new leggings, lets be honest.

Boyfriend Jeans

Us ladies know there is nothing more comfortable than your man’s clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I like my skinny jeans but some days I don’t want to struggle with getting in and out of them. You know what I’m talking about. When you have to do the hop to get them all the way up or sit down to pull them all the way off because you and the pants have basically become one. Hence why I love my boyfriend jeans. And no muffin top is always a plus.


Yes, plural. I usually go with a few neutral cardigans, like a black and a tan or grey. I also like to have a navy, olive or burgundy cardigan when I need a little more color options in my life. Do I really need to explain why we need cardigans ladies? I think we all know the greatness they behold, wrapping us up in their soft knits on a cold winters night. Netflix and Cardigan.

Basic T-Shirts

A basic tee for a basic B. But for real, I live in my basic tees. I try to have a white, grey and black on hand because white with a one year old just doesn’t stay white for long. They are my go to for running errands. I usually pair them with leggings or boyfriend jeans and a flannel or my trusty cardigans. And to make it extra basic I throw on my converse. But hey, its cute and its comfy.

Basic Tanks & Camis

I am over a year postpartum and still rock the heck out of my Target maternity tanks. They are insanely comfy and stretchy without the ugliness of the side ruching. Sorry but ruching has NEVER been my thing, so when I discovered these $10 tanks from Target I stocked up on every color. I throw them under whatever I would wear my basic tees with. They are much more comfortable on warmer days, especially in the armpit area if ya know what I mean.

Striped T-Shirt

I LOVE a striped t-shirt. Whether long or short sleeve they are necessity in my closet. You can dress them up with a blazer and slim pants or dress them down with boyfriend jeans and a ball cap.


It might be the influence of living in the Pacific Northwest for a little bit but I truly learned to appreciate the flannel. My other go to errands outfit is a basic tee under my flannel with my boyfriend or skinny jeans. This is when I am in rough mom shape so I usually throw on a baseball cap to hide my dry shampooed rats nest of hair and my slip on converse. You can dress up a flannel (as much as is possible to dress up a flannel) with a cute vest and ankle booties. You know…the typical apple/pumpkin picking outfit.

Little Black Dress

LBDs are so versatile. You can wear them for a date night or dress them up with accessories for a cocktail party. I am a firm believer in buying multi-functional pieces. I personally do not want to buy a dress I can wear for one occasion and that’s it. I have a basic A line LBD that I have had for years and have worn for several events. I recommend purchasing a cut or style that tends to stay in style. While it might be super trendy this year those runway styles will be out of fashion just a few short months later.


Sweats can be cute! I’m not talking about the oversized, worn out pair with the ice cream stains on them. But lets be real. No one wants to get dressed to the nines everyday. Hell, even most days. Jogger pants and yoga pants are my best friends. If I am staying home all day I go from PJs straight to my joggers or yoga pants and a basic tee. I want to look like I attempted to get my life together but don’t want to put too much effort in when I’m just going to be cleaning and chasing after a toddler all day.

A Versatile Scarf

A scarf always makes my outfit just feel so complete to me. I always gravitate to my leopard print scarf because I can pair it with so many different colors and outfits. And since I am all about being frugal I try to buy scarves that can be worn in the Fall, Winter and Spring. You can’t go wrong with a plaid or striped scarf either!

Slip On Shoes

No, I’m not talking about the velcro ones or crocs. I have two pair of slip on sneakers that I wear ALL the time. My Steve Madden Ecentrcq black quilted slip ons and my converse that have shoestrings so that it looks like I have the time to tie my shoes. I’m trying to portray that I have my ish together. But in all seriousness, they are so comfortable, stylish and there is no hassle when you are trying to get out the door because you are working around someone’s nap schedule.

Ankle Boots

Nothing makes me feel as cute as my ankle boots. I just feel like they take all my outfits to the next level. Like, here is comfy Katie in jeans, a basic tee and slip ons. But wait, who is this hot mama in jeans, a basic tee and booties?! Slayyyyy queen. For real. I probably have more than I actually need because of the confidence they give me, whatevs. I recommend having a pair of black and a pair of tan/brown ankle boots. They will basically go with every single Winter/Fall outfit you have.

Layered Necklace

I love layered necklaces because you have so many different options to style it. Layered necklaces give you the freedom to change things up and give your outfit that extra something it is needing. You have the option to sport one piece with a basic tee or rock the complete necklace with your date night outfit. There is nothing better than multi-functional pieces in a mom/busy woman’s life. Can I get an amen?