How to Find the Most Flattering Jeans for Your Booty

Want some tips and tricks to help you find the best jeans to make your booty appear round, firm and lifted? Heck yes you do girl!

Whether you have a flat, long, saggy or triangle butt I have the low down on what to look for when jean shopping.

Like my last post on how to accent your waist we can’t all look like JLo or Kim K. And that is perfectly ok! Love your body, love the skin your in and take the time out every single day to find one thing you love about this glorious body you have been blessed with!

But these tips and tricks will help you define and accent those lovely lady lumps!

Types of Butts

Flat Butt- This one is pretty self explanatory, there just isn’t much back there. But the good news is there are a handful of tricks to add some fullness to your backside.

  • Avoid baggy or boyfriend style jeans.
  • Aim for more fitted styles.
  • Jeans with embellished pockets or flap pockets will add some volume to your derriere. Look for bling, buttons, embroidery or contrast stitching.
  • Higher rise jeans will cinch in your waist making your bum appear larger.

Saggy Butt-Your booty tends to droop, so you need a jean that will give a lifting effect.

  • Look for jeans that have pockets that are positioned higher. High pockets pull the eye up and gives you an instant butt lift!
  • Pockets that are long and end where your bum and thighs meet is a NO go for you ladies. This will only make your bottom appear saggier.
  • Jeans that have pockets that are tilted slightly outward creates the illusion of a more fit, lifted and plumper bottom.
  • You can definitely rock detailed pockets but its not a must for your booty type.

Wide Butt- Your bum tends to be the widest part of your body. This is typical for pear shapes.

  • Look for jeans that have pockets that are closer together. This draws the eye in and creates the illusion of a slimmer backside.
  • You want basic medium sized pockets that sit directly in the center of your cheeks.
  • Dark washes will also create a slimming effect.
  • Flares and bootcut jeans will help balance out your hips and butt.

Low Butt-Do not confuse a low butt for a saggy butt. Low butts are not saggy, they just sit lower and can still be firm.

  • Pockets that lift your bum are going to be your secret weapon.
  • Look for denim with less stretch. Jeans with too much stretch tend to get baggy, loose and don’t create that lifting effect your are going for.
  • Contoured waistbands and pockets are flattering for your shape.
  • Look for pockets with detailing at the top of the pocket as this draws the eye up and lifts the bum.

V Butt-V bottoms tend to be widest at the top and smallest at the bottom.

  • Look for pockets that are placed lower and are turned sightly inward create the appearance of a rounder butt.
  • Jeans with a light wash or what we call “sanding” at the bottom of your bum will also make your bum appear rounder and fuller.

Triangle Butt- This is the opposite of a V butt. Your booty tends to be widest at the bottom.

  • Jeans with pockets that are placed higher will draw the eye up.
  • Ensure your pockets are on the fullest part of your bottom.

Bubble or Bigger Butt- If you have a fuller derriere and want to downplay it, I got some tips for you!

  • Dark washes and looser styles like a boyfriend jeans will play down your booty.
  • Look for mid rise jeans with minimal details on the pockets.
  • Looser leg styles such as flares and boot cuts will take the focus off your bottom.
  • Less stretch in your denim will hold you in and give you a little lift.

6 Things To Look for When Jean Shopping

  1. Pockets- Pocket placement is key for all booty types, so always pay careful attention to where the pocket sits when trying them on. Pockets should NEVER (for any butt type) extend past where your bum meets your thighs.
  2. Fabric Content- Make sure to have a little stretch in your denim because jeans with zero stretch will literally flatten your booty. And they won’t be comfortable if you go a little cray at dinner.
  3. Wash/Color- Darker rinses will downplay and lighter will demand more attention. So whether you’re trying to attract or divert the eye, keep that in mind!
  4. Cut of Jeans- Bootcuts and flares will balance out curves while skinny or straight legged jeans will make your bottom look larger compared to your thighs.
  5. Details- Stitching or embellishments on pockets can add fullness and draw the eye to your booty. Make sure these details are appropriately placed on the pocket for your specific booty type.
  6. The Yoke- The yoke is the seam directly under the waistband and can either make or break the appearance of a nice booty.
  • The V Yoke is the most popular and most flattering.
  • The sweetheart or curved V yoke creates instant curves.
  • The inverted arc creates the illusion of a rounder and fuller bottom.
  • The straight yoke will make your hips appear wider. I would stay away from this style unless you are trying to create more curve in the hip area.
  • Avoid the super deep V yoke like the plague. With the yoke being longer it pushes the pockets down, which makes your booty look longer. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Here are some American Eagle jeans with bigger pockets that are placed wider apart and a deeper yoke.
These are White House Black Market jeans with lower flap back pockets and a deep yoke.
These Old Navy jeans have a V yoke with higher placed pockets that are turned slightly outward.
These White House Black Market jeans have a V yoke and embellished pockets.
Here are a pair of White House Black Market jeans with a V yoke, mid placed pockets with contrast stitching at the top.
These Hollister jeans have a V yoke, contrast stitching on the pockets and sanding (lighter wash) on the center and bottom of booty.

Here are some Old Navy jeans with a deep yoke and wide placed pockets that are turned slightly outward.

You now have the tips and tricks to make jeans shopping a breeze and to find the perfect pair for your badonkadonk.

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Postpartum Jeans: New Mom, Need Denim.

Now that you have grown and birthed a tiny human with your body, how do you dress it?! The struggle is real. Our bodies have changed in ways we never could have imagined. Our hips and internal organs have shifted, we have this super cute mom pouch and we may have even gone up a shoe size. What the heck! And don’t even get me started about the boobs. But I am here to help you get your shine back, girl!

When shopping for postpartum jeans look for denim with at least 2% spandex, Lycra or elsatane content, high rise waist and/or elastic waistband. C-section mamas should look for a high rise of 8 to 10 inches to avoid irritation of your incision.

Below is a few of my and my fellow mom friend’s favorite postpartum jeans with descriptions and links.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

These are my personal favorite! I wore these pre-pregnancy and they are my go to jeans postpartum. I am 6 feet tall , so finding jeans that are long enough is an endeavor but these are perfect for tall gals. You can snag a pair for $35.

  • 3 inseams- Small 27″, Regular 29″, Long 32″
  • 70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% Lycra

Old Navy Rockstar Jegging

When I don’t feel like adulting 100% that day, I turn to jeggings and these are my JAM! They have a elastic waistband and just the right amount of stretch. The Rockstar jeggings are basically my eating pants. I wish I could say I only needed them for Thanksgiving, but ya girl likes to eat. The Rockstar jeggings are $40 but worth every single penny!

  • 3 inseams- Regular 29 1/2″, Tall 32 1/2″, Petite 28″
  • Elastic waistband
  • Faux fly
  • 58% cotton, 32% polyester, 10% spandex

Target Comfort Fit Post Pregnancy Jeans

What mom doesn’t love Target?! And their prices! The Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel line at Target now have jeans specifically for us postpartum mamas and they only cost $30. I love this maternity line from Target and still wear some of my maternity pieces. But shhhh, that is just between me and you.

  • 3 inseams- Regular, Tall, Petite
  • High rise waistband
  • Power Stretch technology that sculpts & shapes
  • 91% cotton, 7% recycled polyester, 2% spandex

Motherhood Maternity Bounce Back Jeans

These babies are great for sucking in and hiding the mom pouch with the tight compression and seamless waistband. It is really important to note that these jeans are specifically for postpartum and should NOT be worn during pregnancy due to the compression waistband. There are a few different options in the Bounce Back line and cost between $40-$55.

  • Cotton & spandex blend (website did not list exact breakdown)
  • High waist compression band

American Eagle Next Level 360 Highest Waist Jegging

They are not kidding with the title “Highest Waist Jegging”. These are next level with a high waistband of 11 3/4″. These jeggings would be great for c-section mamas and run for $50.

  • SUPER high waistband- 11 3/4″
  • Medium weight denim
  • Lycra DualFX technology
  • 92% cotton, 7% polyester, 1% elastane

Everlane High Rise Skinny

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out some Everlane denim yet but I have friends who rave about their jeans. Everlane uses an innovative fabric that is form fitting, flattering and comfortable. A pair of Everlane’s are priced at $68.

  • 11″ high waist
  • 87% cotton, 12% elasterell-p, 1% elastane

Loft High Waist Skinny

I absolutely love the style and quality of Loft clothing but due to the higher prices I only shop their sales or outlet store. I have to balance my coffee and clothing budget. And we all know how important coffee is to a mom. These high waisted skinnies will cost you $79.50.

  • High waist- 10 3/4″ rise
  • 3 inseams- Regular, Petite, Plus
  • 91% Cotton, 7% polyester, 2% elastane

Express Mid Rise Skinny

Express is another store I only shop sales. Their styles and quality are amazing but I always feel mom guilt when I spend a little too much on myself. That is something I need to get over because we deserve to treat ourselves every once and a while! You can treat yo-self to a pair of these skinnies for $79.90.

  • 3 inseams- Short, Regular, Long
  • Cotton, poly & spandex (website did not specific amounts)

J Crew High Rise Toothpick Jean

J Crew is another treat yo-self brand for me. I love shopping the J Crew Factory (their outlet store) to score some new pieces for a fraction of the price. My mama friend’s rave about these puppies. They say the fit and quality are on point. The Toothpick jean costs anywhere from $98 to $110 depending on the wash.

  • High rise waist- 9″
  • 79% cotton, 17% polyester, 4% elastane

Levi Mile High Skinny

Levis were the ultimate mom jean back when I was a kid, so it only makes sense they are all the rage now. I love the fit of Levis. They are snug in all the right places to flatter your curves. Levis aren’t the cheap jeans they were back in the day and are priced at $100.

  • Ultra high rise- 10.85″
  • 4 inseams- S 28″, M 30″, L 32″, XL 34″
  • Extra skinny leg
  • Extreme stretch
  • 85% cotton, 9% elastomultiester, 6% elastane

If you still want to rock your maternity jeans or leggings that is totally ok! You earned the right, girl. You can also use a belly band with your old jeans. I used a belly band with my regular jeans in the early days of my pregnancy and it worked just fine. I am sure the hairband trick will do the job as well. But in all honesty, lets cut ourselves some slack. You just made and brought a human being into the world. You are a freakin’ superhero, mama!

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