What Colors Are Most Flattering For Your Skin Tone?

I love this dress but it washes me out and doesn’t compliment my skin tone!

Ever love a top or dress but something just didn’t look right when you put it on? It fit well in all the right places but something was off? Color matters! And this is only a guideline. If there is a color you love but it doesn’t flatter your skin tone, rock it with your accessories!

How To Determine Your Skin Undertone:

There are multiple ways to figure out your skin tone. I will go over each method below.

The Vein Method

Check the veins on your inner forearm to determine your skin tone.

  • If your veins are blue or purple you have a cool undertone.
  • If they are green you have a warm undertone.
  • If it is hard to determine, you most likely have a neutral undertone.

The Jewelry Test

Use gold and silver necklaces and/or bracelets in natural lighting to figure out which color makes your skin look brighter and healthier.

  • If gold jewelry is most flattering on you, you have a warm undertone.
  • Your undertone is cool if silver jewelry suits you best.
  • If you are lucky enough to look great in both, you have a neutral undertone.

The Paper Test

Hold a sheet of white printer paper up to clean, make up free skin in natural lighting.

  • If your skin looks yellow, green or brown you have a warm undertone.
  • If your skin looks pink, rosy or blue you have a cool undertone.
  • You have a neutral undertone if your skin has a grey or ashen appearance.

The Nail Bed Method

Its as simple as it sounds! Check your nail beds to determine your undertone.

  • You have a cool tone if your nail beds are reddish-orange, reddish-blue or pinkish-blue.
  • If your nail beds are peachy or yellow, you have a warm undertone.

Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Your go to colors: Red, scarlet, cranberry, peach, coral, orange, amber, honey, gold, yellow, orchid, olive green and moss green.

Your neutrals: Taupe, cappuccino, brown, cream and mushroom gray.

Colors to avoid: Jewel tones such as; icy blues, sapphire and amethyst.

Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Your go to colors: Bright blues, deep purples, ruby red, emerald green, mint green, lavender, fuchsia, baby pink and rosy red.

Your neutrals: Cool gray, navy and bright white.

Colors to avoid: Oranges, yellows and tomato red.

Colors for Neutral Skin Tones

Your go to colors: Blush, dusty pink, light peach, cornsilk yellow, medium blue and jade green.

Your neutrals: Mid-range grays, off white, coffee brown and black.

Colors to avoid: Electric blue and magenta.

Colors for Everyone

Light blush, teal and eggplant purple are colors that people of all undertones can rock with confidence!

True story. And I just love Steve Harvey, TBH.

As always, these are just suggestions. Fashion and personal style is all about self expression. If you love it, than wear it! Who cares about all the “what not to wear rules”! You already know what I am going to say; You do you boo boo ❤️