Maternity Activewear

I was 7 months prego with little miss Astyn here!

This one is for my mamas who want to move their bump!

We see more and more moms-to-be on Instagram killing a workout with her cute bump and super cute workout gear. I was lucky enough to be able to workout right up until I gave birth to our little girl. Boy am I glad I did. I don’t know how I would have done 22 hours of labor without the stamina I built up from exercising throughout my pregnancy. It is no lie when they say giving birth is like a marathon!

**(If you were already active before getting prego, you should be able to get some pump with your bump. Make sure to consult with your OBGYN and get the go ahead first!)

I have to be honest, there is not much out there. I was a little disappointed in the selections and how many stores didn’t have any maternity activewear. But maybe brands will see that more and more mamas are exercising and they will start offering more options!

Now, lets get to it!

1) Old Navy

You gals know I love me some Old Navy! They have a good maternity selection all around and quite a few options in the athletic wear department.

  • The maternity activewear has the following fabric technology: Go Dry, moisture wicking, 4 way stretch, anti-chaffing & side ruching)
  • Tops costs $20!
  • Leggings are around $28-$40 and are equipped with elasticized waistband with slight compression.
  • You can snag some maternity shorts for $18.
  • I could not find any maternity or nursing sports bras on their website. Bummer!

2) GapFit Maternity

Gap is always a good go to! They have one of the best and biggest range of options for maternity activewear.

  • Gap’s athletic wear pieces have Go Dry, moisture wicking, anti-chaffing and 4 way stretch technology. Their sports wear is breathable and super soft.
  • Gap’s bottoms are priced from $45-$90. Some of their leggings have a crossover waistband in the front that cradles the belly, others have the elasticized full panel waistband and their shorts have an elastic band with a drawstring.
  • Gap has an awesome selection of tops. They have racerbacks, tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve tops. The tops run from $30 to $50.
  • You can get low and medium impact sports bras that are also nursing bras! Those bras will cost you $50.

3) H&M Mama

H&M doesn’t have a specific maternity athletic wear line but they do have a few options for you fit mamas to be! And those options are super affordable.

  • H&M leggings cost anywhere from $13-$35 and are quick dry.
  • H&M has a ton of cotton tanks and t-shirts. Some of their tops are double layer which is great if you plan on nursing. Their tops are priced around $15-$30.
  • There are a ton of nursing bra options at H&M but unfortunately none of them are sports bras.

4) Target’s Isabel Maternity

Target, every mom’s sanctuary. I LOVED Target’s Isabel Maternity line when I was pregnant. And lets just keep this between us gals; I totally still rock my maternity tank tops from Target. I love that they don’t have the side ruching, so can’t even tell they are maternity tops.

  • I loved Isabel Maternity’s leggings! They are thick, comfy and pass the squat test. The leggings have a crossover panel in back that keeps you cool while still supporting the bump. They are also anti-microbial, moisture wicking and have 4 way stretch. The leggings come in sizes XS-XXL, 1X-4X and cost $30-$37.
  • Target does not have any specific maternity athletic wear tops but they have plenty of cotton tanks and t-shirts you can wear while working out.
  • Target has two maternity/nursing sports bras to choose from. There is the Auden bra for $19 that comes in three colors and sizes XS-XL. Then there is the Bamboobies bra that comes in pink and sizes S-XL for $30.

5) Pink Blush

Pink Blush has a lot of options when it comes to maternity activewear! I have a few Pink Blush pieces and they are great quality and super cute.

  • Pink Blush has a big selection of shorts and leggings to choose from. Their bottoms are cute and trendy with that oh so helpful elasticized waistband. Pink Blush’s athletic wear bottoms come in sizes S-XL, 1X-3X and are priced from $29-$48.
  • Pink Blush also has a lot of tops to choose from. The thing I love about their tops are that they are designed to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. You can snag some Pink Blush tops for $21-$42.
  • They have the BEST selection of maternity sports bras I have found so far. And they are so cute and trendy. Their sports bras come in sizes S-XL and are priced from $18-$50.

6) Motherhood Maternity

I don’t know about you but when I think of maternity clothing the first store that pops into my head is Motherhood Maternity. It is one of the few stores solely dedicated to maternity wear. While they only offer maternity wear, unfortunately their activewear selection is lacking. They do have a few options but I hope they are working on expanding their athletic line for those active mamas.

  • Motherhood’s leggings come in sizes XS-XL, 1X-3X and cost around $22-$30. Their leggings are designed to be worn during both pregnancy and postpartum with their SecretFit belly waistband.
  • They have a a decent variety of tops, jackets and sweatshirts to choose from. Motherhood’s tops do not have any fancy fabric technology, just your standard cotton and jersey. Their tops are priced from $15-$40.
  • Motherhood Maternity only has ONE (yes, one) sports bra. It is also a nursing bra. I have to be honest here, it does not look supportive at all. If you want to give the bra a try, it costs $20.

7) A Pea In the Pod

I would say most of A Pea In the Pod’s activewear is really lounge wear but they do have some really cute leggings. They have a lot of super trendy joggers to choose from and who doesn’t love a comfy, cute jogger?!

  • Their tops are priced from $25-$110 and like I said before, they seem to be mostly lounge wear. They do have a few actual work out tanks to choose from.
  • A Pea In the Pod has some cute and trendy leggings. They have camo, floral and color block, etc. Their leggings cost $58-$188. The good news is they seem to always have a sale or a discount code you can use.
  • Like Motherhood Maternity, A Pea In the Pod only has one maternity sports bra in sizes 32D-38G for $65. Fortunately, their bra looks much more supportive than Motherhood’s.

8) Fitta Mamma

Fitta Mamma is a brand that only offers maternity activewear. Their clothing is on the pricey side but they are specifically designed to support you and your bump in all the right places during an intense workout. And their sportswear pieces are designed to be worn during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Fitta Mamma’s leggings are double layered with a rollover waistband to support your back and bump. They are soft, breathable, moisture wicking, anti-chaffing and have cool dry technology. Their leggings come in sizes XS-XL for $66-$96.
  • Their tops have a triple layer crossback for optimum support and a firm waistband to support your hips and belly. Fitta Mamma’s tops are also moisture wicking, anti-chaffing, have an inner bra and high performance fabric with stretch and shape retention. Their tops come in sizes XXS-XXL and cost $47-$100.
  • They have low and high impact sports bras for $60-$80.

9) Senita Athletics

Senita has such cute and trendy pieces. They don’t have a lot of options but the activewear that they do have is great quality and adorable!

  • Senita tops come in sizes XS-XL for $26. Their tops have side ruching, great stretch, excellent recovery and are pre-shrunk.
  • I can’t get enough of their leggings! Senita leggings come in sizes XS-XL and are priced from $33-$41. Their leggings have a crossover back panel to keep you cool while supporting that bump. They have side pockets, a comfy belly band, are light weight and squat proof.
  • I love Senita sports bras! The sports bras are $28-$32 and have hook clasps in front (for nursing), adjustable straps, medium impact support and a pocket in the back! Yay for pockets!

10) Asos Mamalicious

Asos has a large selection of leggings and tops but few of them are actually workout clothing. But their leggings are super cute and super affordable. They even have some leggings with a long inseam. Tall girl win!

  • Asos leggings are available in sizes 00-16 and XS-XL. Like I mentioned above, some of their leggings have a long inseam for us tall gals. Asos leggings are high rise with an elasticized waistband. Their leggings cost around $16-$45.
  • Most of Asos’s tops are cotton or jersey t-shirts and tanks, so nothing with fabric technology. The tops are simple yet have darling details that make them stylish. You can snag some Asos maternity tops for $16-$35.
  • Asos has a decent selection of maternity/nursing bras but none are sports bras. You could get away with rocking their bras to yoga but I wouldn’t suggest running or doing a high intensity workout in one. Their bras are priced from $16-$51.

11) Gaya Maternity

Gaya has a very small selection but their pieces are specifically designed for active mamas. Gaya has two lines that I will cover in detail below.

  • No Stopping Me line– These leggings are low rise in the front with a panel that cradles the belly, anti-chaffing, has pockets and a mesh triangle on the waist to adjust tightness. The tank is light weight, sweat wicking, ventilated, anti-chaffing, 4 way stretch, an inner bra, crisscross straps and a soft elastic band on bottom to offer more bump support. The leggings are $45 and the top is $49. This line is ideal for running and high intensity training.
  • Double The Fun line– These leggings are high rise with a foldable waistband, anti-chaffing, 4 way stretch and have pockets! The top has side elastic bands with ruching that grows with your bump, long length with 4 way stretch and moisture wicking. The leggings are priced at $59 and the top is $49.

12) Nestling & Co.

Nestling & Co. offers adorable clothes for affordable prices. And they have a decent selection to choose from.

  • Nestling & Co. leggings are $20-$30 and have an adjustable waist that grows with you. And you can still rock them postpartum.
  • They don’t have any specific activewear tops, just a bunch of tanks and tees. Their tops are pretty basic with some cute details and cost $12-$23.
  • Nestling & Co. unfortunately does not have any maternity/nursing sports bras but they do have a decent selection of regular bras from $40-$60.
What a difference in just a few weeks! Hello belly 😍

You can always do what I did and rock some oversized activewear. I just went to our local thrift store and picked up a few pieces in a bigger size. I knew I was only going to need them for a short amount of time, so I didn’t want to invest a ton of money. You do you boo boo❤️

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