Affordable and Trendy Activewear

Let’s be honest, getting the motivation to go to the gym is a struggle for most of us. You know what ALWAYS gets me pumped to go? Cute workout gear!

You know me, I’m a frugal gal. I’m going to share my favorite affordable yet super trendy and good quality activewear brands with you. This is going to be a long one because I’m going to give you the good and the bad of each brand. But if you don’t want to read it all, right below this is a list of my recommendations so you can check them out on your own.

Now lets get you some workout outfits that slay, so you can slay in the gym girl!

My Top Ten Recommendations:

  1. Athleta
  2. Fabletics
  3. Senita Athletics
  4. Old Navy
  5. CRZ Yoga
  6. Zaful
  7. Target
  8. TJ Maxx
  9. H&M
  10. Amazon

1.) Athleta

Athleta is on the pricer side of my budget but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the company and their clothing.

Athleta is a certified B company, which means they have met the highest standards of environmental and social performance while being transparent and accountable.

Like moi, Athleta’s mission is to empower women and they do so through their P.A.C.E. program (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement). Their goal is to educate 1,000,000 women by 2022.

Why I Like Athleta:

  1. Their variety of sizes. They carry XXS-2X and offer petite and tall inseams! That is a huge selling point for me since I am 6 feet tall.
  2. They have something for every athlete. Whether you play golf, tennis, hike, run, weight lift or do yoga, Athleta has got you covered. Literally.
  3. The return policy is AMAZING! You can wear an item to work out and if it doesn’t work out for you (pun intended), you can return it!
  4. Athleta sportswear is trendy enough to wear to brunch or coffee with the girls but quality enough to hold up during a high intensity work out.
  5. The discounts! You get 20% off your first purchase when you sign up for email, if you refer a friend they get 20% off their 1st purchase and you get 20% off as well! And if you are a fitness professional you ALWAYS get 30% off! You just have to bring your work ID to the store when shopping.
  6. What they offer in store. Athleta hosts free fitness classes as well as free hemming and style sessions with their experts.
  7. They are environmentally friendly. According to their website, 46% of their fabrics are made from sustainable fibers but they are working towards 80% by 2020. Also, 70% of their packaging is from recycled products. Athleta has diverted more than 15.5 million plastic bottles since 2015!
  8. The fabric technology. I went to school for fashion design with a concentration in textile science, so I am all about their fabrics and what they do! The Powervita textiles are buttery soft while offering compression, moisture wicking and UPF (sun protection) all while remaining breathable. The Powerlift fabrics are breathable, cooling, moisture wicking and UPF while holding everything in place with compression. The Seamless pieces are non-chaffing, moisture wicking, breathable, flattering and unstinkable. I will take their word for it when it comes to being unstinkable. Swiftlite garments are their light weight fabric that is cooling, moisture wicking, fast drying, breathable, UPF and is composed of recycled materials. Last but not least is the Featherweight Stretch material. This fabric is composed of recycled material as well, making it light weight, stretchy, UPF and wrinkle resistant.
  9. Their prices. Athleta is on the high side of my budget but you get high quality pieces for a decent price. You can purchase leggings for $59-$98, tops for $35-$148 and bras for $20-$50.
  10. Athleta also carries underwear, swimsuits and clothing for girls.
  11. Pockets. Everyone knows girls love pockets. Want to make a girl happy? Put her in a dress or skirt with some pockets! Or food, that usually does it for me. But in all seriousness, almost ALL of Athleta bottoms have at least one pocket!

Like I mentioned before, Athleta is on the higher end of my budget but the quality is great, the clothes are trendy and they are a company I can really get behind. Plus, I have snagged some cute things for cheap from the sale rack!

Link to Athleta’s website:

2.) Fabletics

Yes, the Kate Hudson company! If you know me, you know I dislike memberships and subscription boxes but I do like me some Fabletics. The pieces are so trendy and extremely affordable!

Why I Like Fabletics:

  1. The range of sizes. Fabletics has XXS-3X athletic attire. They have something for every woman and every shape!
  2. The prices. Leggings cost $30-$60, tops are $20-$70 and sport bras are $20-$50. But remember, members get 50% off those prices!
  3. Like Athleta, you can test out Fabletic’s pieces at the gym or wherever you work out and return or exchange them within 30 days.
  4. They have clothing for all athletes; yogi, runner or cross fitter. Athleta offers high performances pieces that will keep you styling while you bust your booty! And the bottoms are squat proof!
  5. Fabletic’s fabrics also feature moisture wicking and compression technology.
  6. When you sign up for their VIP membership you get two pairs of leggings for $24! That is an amazing deal! And when I signed up I was also sent a 40% off code.
  7. Fabletic’s has 25 locations across the US, so you can go in store and try before you buy.

About The Membership:

I am not a fan of memberships. I dislike having to buy something every month or skipping a month or forgetting to skip. But the Fabletic’s membership is actually worth it to me. The quality and trendy pieces they offer for the prices have me SOLD. So here is the good, the bad and the ugly of the membership:

  1. The membership is $49.50/month. With the membership you get 50% off of all Fabletics products.
  2. Fabletics will email you on the 1st of every month with personalized picks just for you.
  3. You can skip as many times as you want. I know some companies limit your skips before they give you the boot, but not Fabletics.
  4. You HAVE to skip by the 5th of the month to avoid getting charged. Fabletics charges member’s accounts on the 6th.
  5. If you did not remember to skip, the $49.50 gets applied to your account as store credit. I set a reminder on my phone’s calendar to remind me to skip because I am the worst at remembering.
  6. You can cancel your membership at any time. Whenever you are over it, just give them a call.

Link to Fabletic’s website:

3.) Senita Athletics

A friend highly recommended this brand to me, so I had to check them out. Senita is a female owned and operated company run by two mom’s who are best friends and have been teammates since high school. As a mom, I LOVE this company. They know exactly what us everyday women and moms need from their active wear. They also have maternity and nursing tops and bras! But I am going to give you the down low on all the nursing and maternity active wear in another post.

Why I Like Senita:

  • Made by women for women. Their active wear is cute, practical and affordable.
  • The prices! Senita offers great quality pieces for awesome prices. The bottoms are priced from $22-$40, tops from $19-$26 and sports bras from $22-$32.
  • The leggings are moisture wicking, squat proof and have pockets!

I really like the styles that Senita offers. The activewear is cute but not super trendy, which is fine. My one compliant about this company is the buyer is responsible for shipping when returning or exchanging an item. Senita does not have any stores, so the only way to get your hands on some is online or the rare chance you find a boutique that carries their pieces.

Link to Senita’s website:

4.) Old Navy

Old Navy has always been my jam. I was rocking those flag shirts back in my teens. You know which ones I’m talking about.

I love high intensity training, weight lifting and Crossfit. Yes, Crossfit. With all that fast paced movement I need pieces that will stay in place and not show off my undies. Old Navy is my favorite place to get those pieces! I have some older leggings from there that are not squat proof but Old Navy has definitely stepped up their game.

Why I Like Old Navy:

  1. The sizes. Old Navy offers XS-XXL, Plus Size, Petite, Tall and Maternity! I am going to write another blog post all about maternity sportswear, so you gals can move your bump!
  2. Budget friendly. Leggings cost any where from $16 to $40, tops are $10-$30 and sports bras are $20-$32.
  3. Old Navy has five types of bottoms; full length, 7/8, crop, yoga and street leggings. It is one of the few places I have been able to find bootcut yoga pants lately.
  4. The fabrics. Old Navy’s athletic wear fabrics have a four way stretch, moisture wicking, built in sculpt, compression and Go Dry technology. Some of their pieces are also seamless.
  5. I love their sports bras. Old Navy carries light, medium and high support sports bras to keep the girls in place during any kind of work out.

The one issue I have with Old Navy is that their athletic wear is not super trendy. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have some Old Navy work out gear that have lasted me way longer than a trend would. Their garments may not be the latest crop top, strappy, cut out trendy pieces but when those trends are so last year, your simple and timeless Old Navy work out gear will still be functional.

Link to Old Navy’s website:

5.) CRZ Yoga

CRZ Yoga has been dubbed the Lululemon knock off. The style, feel of the fabrics and quality of CRZ’s pieces are extremely close for a fraction of the price.

Why I Like CRZ Yoga:

  • The prices are so affordable! Leggings range from $18-$28, tops are $16-$28 and sports bras cost $18-$26!
  • The farbics. CRZ Yoga materials are squat proof, anti-chaffing, quick dry and flatter your figure with compression technology. Some of their pieces are seamless, thermal, reflective and give you some sun protection with UPF.
  • CRZ has a ton of different options that will work for whatever kind of exercise you’re in to. They have several lines to choose from; Seamless, Pima Cotton, Free and Easy, Naked Feeling and Hugged Feeling. CRZ also has low, medium and high impact training bras.
  • All of their bottoms are equipped with at least one pocket. And I speak for all women when I say thank you for that!
  • They have a decent size range, offering XXS-XL. I really do hope they are working on something for our plus size ladies and update their store to be more inclusive.

I love Lululemon’s work out gear but I just can’t justify spending that much on one item. My mom guilt kicks in so hard and all I can think about is all the things I could buy for my family for the cost of one pair of leggings. But CRZ Yoga has given us what we need, which is a great knock off, at a really great price point. I do wish they offered more sizes and colors, but hopefully they are working on that. I believe they are a European based company (I searched everywhere but could not find anywhere that stated where exactly) and shipping to the US takes 7-14 business days. The good news is you can order them on Amazon with Prime and get them much faster!

CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling High-Rise Tight Yoga Pants

Get the leggings shown above in a variety of colors through this link:

Link to CRZ Yoga’s website:

6.) Zaful

I got lost in the alternate universe of Youtube and came across a ton of reviews of Zaful. Zaful activewear is SUPER trendy and SUPER cheap!

Why I Like Zaful:

  • The clothes are so stinkin’ cute! Their pieces are definitely more on trend and bold than the other brands I am recommending.
  • Their prices are really, really, really good. Zaful leggings cost $16-$45 and they have a variety of styles of leggings; seamless, stir up, compression and high rise. Their tops are priced from $16-$42. The sports bras are $14-$44 and are low to medium impact. The one compliant I saw multiple times while watching a gazillion reviews was that the padding in the bra is blah. Some of the pads are one piece and makes you look like you have a uniboob. My advice is to remove the one piece cups and replace them with individual cups from another sports bra or swimsuit.
  • Shipping is free for orders $49 and up. Shipping to the US takes 6-8 biz days and 3-7 days if you pay for express shipping.
  • They accept Paypal! I love using Paypal and I am so glad more companies are starting to accept it as a form of payment.

After watching wayyyyyy too many reviews of Zaful online, I would recommend them. Every single person reviewing their pieces were happy with their purchases. One thing that came up several times in the reviews was that their pieces tend to run small, so I would definitely size up when ordering from Zaful. In the older reviews some of the leggings were not squat proof but it looks as though Zaful listened to customer’s complaints and have fixed that issue. If you are the girl who strives to look like the fitness Instagram models, Zaful is the store for you! They will have you serving looks while working on your fitness.

ZAFUL Women’s Criss Cross Calf Capri Leggings Marble Print High Waist Yoga Pants

Get the leggings shown above in a variety of colors through this link:

Link to Zaful’s website:

7.) Target

Oh Target, the place I go to get all the things I didn’t know I needed. What woman doesn’t love Target?! The selection, prices and the fact that there is usually a Starbucks inside. And to add to all that greatness, Target has two athletic wear lines I like; Champion and JoyLab.

Why I Like Target:

  • The prices! You can snag some leggings for $16-$40, tops for $13-$40 and sports bras (low, medium & high impact) for $17-$32.
  • The sizes. JoyLab and Champion offer XS-4X activewear. I LOVE that they offer cute and trendy pieces for everyone! I would like to see them add XXS for my petite ladies out there.
  • Target has sportswear for every athlete with Urban, Studio, Training and Running lines.

We all know and love Target and their cute clothing. Their athletic wear is no different!

Link to Target’s website:

8.) TJ Maxx

I don’t know about you girl, but TJ Maxx is just like Target for me. I go there looking for one thing and leave will a cart full of things I never intended on buying. Darn you TJ Maxx, you get me every time! Over the years I have bought a LOT of my activewear from TJ Maxx. The prices are so good and the quality isn’t too shabby either.

Why I Like TJ Maxx:

  • Like I said above, you can get some cute, decent quality pieces for super cheap!
  • TJ Maxx offers name brand athletic wear for a fraction of the price those brands charge. I have gotten name brands like Nike, Under Armor, Reebok, RBX, Sam Edelman and Gaiam from TJ Maxx for about half the price!
  • You can snag a pair of leggings anywhere from $16-$40, tops from $10-$20 and sports bras for $8-$20.

I love the variety at TJ Maxx and the fact that I can try on the pieces before I buy them. I NEED to be able to do the bend over and squat test in front of the mirror before I give leggings the seal of approval. I don’t want to show off the goods during yoga class, not cute. You may have to do some digging and there is no guarantee that they will have all the styles in your size. With all that said, TJ Maxx is definitely a great place to get you some stylish and quality workout gear for an awesome price.

Link to TJ Maxx’s website:

9.) H&M

I can always find simple yet stylish clothes at H&M but I gotta be honest, their stores are usually a mess and they have so much stuff that its like sensory overload for me. If you like to shop it won’t be that big of a deal and you can snag some cute items for cheap!

Why I Like H&M:

  • The prices. H&M bottoms are priced from $18-$50, tops from $13-$35 and sports bras from $10-$35.
  • Their sports bras. H&M offers a good selection of sports bras. They have low, medium and high impact bras as well as push up sports bras! Bend and snap! If you don’t get that reference we can’t be friends. Just kidding! But if you don’t get it, you gotta google it girl!
  • H&M activewear is cute and stylish but simple and timeless at the same time.

While I really like H&M’s workout gear, not all of the leggings are squat proof. I would definitely do the mirror test and make sure the goods are covered. It’s not 1999 and Sisco’s Thong Song is out of date. And so is showing your panties ladies!

Link to H&M’s website:

10.) Amazon

You can get anything on Amazon, including quality workout gear. I personally have not ordered athletic wear from Amazon yet but I have friends who have and are pleased with their purchases. Below I am going to list a few brands that others have recommended to me.

Athletic Brands From Amazon:

  • Mint Lilac
  • Core 10 -Size inclusive and sports bra sizes A-H!
  • Starter Womens
  • UDIY
  • Prolific Health
  • 90 Degree by Reflex
  • Pro Fit
  • Sweaty Rocks
  • RBX
  • Tough Cookie- great for graphic tanks
  • Aenlley
  • Epic MMA Gear
  • Homma
  • Zerdocean- Great for my plus size gals
  • IcyZone
  • NeonySweets
  • Glamorise- Full support sports bras, sizes B-I!
  • Fittin

Link to Amazon’s website:

No matter where you wear them, the recommended work out gear will have you feeling comfy and looking fierce. Yasss queen!


I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means when you click on one of my Amazon links that I have recommended and make a purchase I receive a small commission from that sale.

I want to ensure you I will NEVER recommend something simply to earn extra cash. If its between an item I kind of like from Amazon or the same item from another store that I find to be better quality, fit or price, I will ALWAYS suggest the better item! I will continue to only recommend products and brands that I use and love. I just wanted to be completely transparent with you gals! My mission is to help you ladies get the most bang for your buck and keep you stylish. And I will always stay true to that ❤️

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