Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Flowers, sunshine and warmer temperatures. I am dreaming of Spring on this chilly, rainy day we are having today in Vegas. I love Spring. The plants are coming back to life and showing off their vibrant colors. The temperature is climbing and people are out and about enjoying the sunshine. Flowy floral dresses, white skinny jeans, wedges, mid length skirts. These are a few of my favorite things!

These pieces are my must have basics to get you on your way to serving looks this Spring. Get it boo!

Tanks & Camis

With the unpredictable weather in Spring, layering is your friend girl. If you want to add a little more color to your outfits that fit the season try adding light pastel colored tanks/camis under your cardigan or denim button up. You can get tanks for as low as $4 at Walmart. Treat yoself.

Dressy T-Shirts

Sounds like an oxymoron right? I’m talking about basic t-shirts with feminine touches such as a floral print shirt or striped t-shirt with lace sleeves. Dressy t-shirts are awesome for taking a casual skinny jeans outfit to the next level while still remaining comfy and cute.

Striped T-Shirts

Striped t-shirts are essential all year round. They are the coffee of wardrobe pieces, a MUST have. You can dress up a striped tee with a mid length skirt or keep it casual with a pair of skinny jeans.

Flowy Blouses

Flowy floral blouses just scream Spring. The light weight fabric, the colors and the movement perfectly embodies all things Spring. You cannot go wrong with a flowy blouse paired with some white skinny jeans and flats. Yes, I said white pants. I know white clothing mixed with toddlers is taboo but they are perfect for brunch with the girls or a lunch date with yo man. Or woman, no judgement here ladies!

Denim Button Up

Nothing like a good fitting button up. You can rock it with a floral skirt and wedges or white skinny jeans and a pair of flats.


Does this even need an explanation?! If you have read my winter wardrobe post then you know about my love of cardigans. With the temperamental temperatures of Spring, cardigans are a fantastic way of keeping you warm and stylish.

Mid Length Skirt

Light weight, flowy and easy to dress up or down, a mid length skirt is the perfect girly touch to have in your Spring wardrobe.

Floral Dress

When I think of Spring I think of flowers. And a lot of rain but I don’t need that negativity in my life. In all seriousness, you cannot go wrong with a floral dress under a denim jacket. This little number pictured below is actually a Pink Blush dress I wore for my baby shower. I love their dresses because you can don them during your pregnancy and postpartum journey!

All The Skinny Jeans

In my opinion there are three essential types of skinny jeans for Spring; regular denim skinnies, cropped skinny jeans and those unthinkable white skinnies I mentioned before.

Denim Jacket

Whether worn with a floral dress or paired with those white skinny jeans, a denim jacket is the ultimate outerwear for Spring.

Flats, Wedges & Slip On Sneakers

Shoes are the exclamation point to every outfit and are an important finishing touch! With better weather on the horizon, its time to break out those wedges, block heels and strappy sandals girls! Shoes are a great way to make a statement. Choose a soft pink, blue, yellow or jade green color shoe to add a pop of color to your ensemble.


Now that the temperatures are heating up and we can emerge from our hibernation, we need some accessories to block that sun we haven’t seen in months. Add that extra touch with a stylish fedora, panama or floppy sun hat.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are an excellent way to add pops of color to your outfit. If you aren’t comfortable going bold with your clothing bold accessories are a great option to help you step out of the box but stay in your comfort zone. A large colorful necklace, a bright colored crossbody bag or a scarf with a fun pattern are all great choices to add that extra something, something to your ensemble.

Raincoat & Rain Boots

April showers bring May flowers. Spring always brought a substantial amount of rain in NY when I was growing up, so rain gear was a necessity. Luckily, rain gear is so much more stylish now a days!

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