Nursing Mom Must Haves for First Few Days Home

Fed is best but this one is for my breastfeeding mamas.

Your body has been pushed to the limit, you’ve probably gotten little to no sleep and now you’re home and 100% responsible for this sweet little babe. The last thing on your mind is how you look. So lets focus on how you should feel. Comfortable.

You’ll likely have a boob monster attached to you every two hours, so you will need clothing that makes it easy to whip those puppies out at the drop of a hat. Here is a list of pieces I found to be essential in the first few weeks as a first time breastfeeding mom.


A robe was my most beloved piece of clothing postpartum. I searched for weeks for a robe that wasn’t fleece and am I glad I did because holy hormones! No one tells you about the hot flashes and night sweats that plague you after having a baby. If we can be real, you are sore all over after having a baby, likely dealing with engorgement and you probably don’t want to wear anything restricting. A robe is comfy, loose and makes it super easy to nurse on demand. And we know when babies demand the boob, they want it NOW!

My husband surprised me with the Natori robe pictured above. I would have never splurged on it for myself but he has his sweet moments. The Natori robe is incredibly soft and lightweight. And it has pockets, which are even more handy as a mom!

You can get one for yourself on Amazon via this link (see disclaimer below):

Button Down Pajamas

If I wasn’t in my robe, I was in my pjs. Button down pajamas were so comfy and cute enough that I didn’t feel the need to change when we had visitors. The button down pajama top allowed easy access to the girls, which was crucial.

You can get the pajamas shown above via the link below. I also got a few pairs from Walmart. The Walmart pajamas did the job but the light colored set I bought were quite sheer and thin.  


Tank Tops

I have said it before and I will say it again, Target maternity tanks are a blessing. I found the neckline to be stretchy enough for me to feed my daughter with ease. I also had a few nursing tanks that clip down in the front and pull down. The clip tanks were very handy but I found that the clips dug into my skin and were a tad uncomfortable due to that. Tank tops were great for keeping me as cool as possible during those hormonal hot flashes while making it easy to breastfeed.



Nursing Bras

The best advice I received regarding clothing while breastfeeding was to purchase two types of nursing bras. The pullover kind with no clips to sleep in and bras that clip down in the front for day. Chances are you are getting little to no sleep to begin with. You don’t want to be annoyed with the clips digging into you while you try to catch some Z’s. Below are links to my favorite nursing bras that I purchased from Motherhood Maternity and Walmart.


Motherhood Maternity Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra


Motherhood Maternity Jessica Simpson Seamless Jacquard Nursing Bra 

Loving Moments by Leading Lady Nursing Bra from Walmart 

Nursing Pads

Me being the “hippie” I am, purchased some reusable breast pads from Bamboobies. They were so soft, absorbent and kept me from ruining my tops and awkward moments. Some women don’t leak but you never know until you are in the thick of it, so better to be prepared than not. And if you do leak, you know all it takes is a crying baby or a long nap for it to look like the dam has broken. Link below to get you some. You’ll thank me later!

These were my must have clothing items during my first few weeks as a new breastfeeding mama. I would love to hear what your must haves were. Drop a comment below and share the wealth girl!

13 months and going strong! The bonding is amazing and worth all the struggles!

**DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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