Essential Winter Wardrobe Pieces

I have been scouring the internet researching what all the fashionista’s claim are their essential pieces for this winter. So far I have seen fur coats, leather caps, corduroy blazers and a pair of feather heels for $1,200. Not feasible for you? Yeah, me either. Maybe next year! Below I am going to breakdown the basic wardrobe essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe for winter but can also transfer into other seasons. I’m all about getting more bang for my buck!

Black Leggings

Leggings are a MUST have all year round! Not only do they pretty much go with everything but are probably the most comfortable item you own. They go great with an oversized sweater in the winter, super cute with a denim button up in the fall or an oversized t-shirt during spring and summer. Usually I love a good deal and hate to shell out a lot of dough on anything but I don’t skimp when it comes to leggings. I absolutely love the ponte leggings from White House Black Market. The quality is superb, they are so soft and your panties won’t show through when you bend over. The struggle is real. We all do the bend over test in the mirror when buying new leggings, lets be honest.

Boyfriend Jeans

Us ladies know there is nothing more comfortable than your man’s clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I like my skinny jeans but some days I don’t want to struggle with getting in and out of them. You know what I’m talking about. When you have to do the hop to get them all the way up or sit down to pull them all the way off because you and the pants have basically become one. Hence why I love my boyfriend jeans. And no muffin top is always a plus.


Yes, plural. I usually go with a few neutral cardigans, like a black and a tan or grey. I also like to have a navy, olive or burgundy cardigan when I need a little more color options in my life. Do I really need to explain why we need cardigans ladies? I think we all know the greatness they behold, wrapping us up in their soft knits on a cold winters night. Netflix and Cardigan.

Basic T-Shirts

A basic tee for a basic B. But for real, I live in my basic tees. I try to have a white, grey and black on hand because white with a one year old just doesn’t stay white for long. They are my go to for running errands. I usually pair them with leggings or boyfriend jeans and a flannel or my trusty cardigans. And to make it extra basic I throw on my converse. But hey, its cute and its comfy.

Basic Tanks & Camis

I am over a year postpartum and still rock the heck out of my Target maternity tanks. They are insanely comfy and stretchy without the ugliness of the side ruching. Sorry but ruching has NEVER been my thing, so when I discovered these $10 tanks from Target I stocked up on every color. I throw them under whatever I would wear my basic tees with. They are much more comfortable on warmer days, especially in the armpit area if ya know what I mean.

Striped T-Shirt

I LOVE a striped t-shirt. Whether long or short sleeve they are necessity in my closet. You can dress them up with a blazer and slim pants or dress them down with boyfriend jeans and a ball cap.


It might be the influence of living in the Pacific Northwest for a little bit but I truly learned to appreciate the flannel. My other go to errands outfit is a basic tee under my flannel with my boyfriend or skinny jeans. This is when I am in rough mom shape so I usually throw on a baseball cap to hide my dry shampooed rats nest of hair and my slip on converse. You can dress up a flannel (as much as is possible to dress up a flannel) with a cute vest and ankle booties. You know…the typical apple/pumpkin picking outfit.

Little Black Dress

LBDs are so versatile. You can wear them for a date night or dress them up with accessories for a cocktail party. I am a firm believer in buying multi-functional pieces. I personally do not want to buy a dress I can wear for one occasion and that’s it. I have a basic A line LBD that I have had for years and have worn for several events. I recommend purchasing a cut or style that tends to stay in style. While it might be super trendy this year those runway styles will be out of fashion just a few short months later.


Sweats can be cute! I’m not talking about the oversized, worn out pair with the ice cream stains on them. But lets be real. No one wants to get dressed to the nines everyday. Hell, even most days. Jogger pants and yoga pants are my best friends. If I am staying home all day I go from PJs straight to my joggers or yoga pants and a basic tee. I want to look like I attempted to get my life together but don’t want to put too much effort in when I’m just going to be cleaning and chasing after a toddler all day.

A Versatile Scarf

A scarf always makes my outfit just feel so complete to me. I always gravitate to my leopard print scarf because I can pair it with so many different colors and outfits. And since I am all about being frugal I try to buy scarves that can be worn in the Fall, Winter and Spring. You can’t go wrong with a plaid or striped scarf either!

Slip On Shoes

No, I’m not talking about the velcro ones or crocs. I have two pair of slip on sneakers that I wear ALL the time. My Steve Madden Ecentrcq black quilted slip ons and my converse that have shoestrings so that it looks like I have the time to tie my shoes. I’m trying to portray that I have my ish together. But in all seriousness, they are so comfortable, stylish and there is no hassle when you are trying to get out the door because you are working around someone’s nap schedule.

Ankle Boots

Nothing makes me feel as cute as my ankle boots. I just feel like they take all my outfits to the next level. Like, here is comfy Katie in jeans, a basic tee and slip ons. But wait, who is this hot mama in jeans, a basic tee and booties?! Slayyyyy queen. For real. I probably have more than I actually need because of the confidence they give me, whatevs. I recommend having a pair of black and a pair of tan/brown ankle boots. They will basically go with every single Winter/Fall outfit you have.

Layered Necklace

I love layered necklaces because you have so many different options to style it. Layered necklaces give you the freedom to change things up and give your outfit that extra something it is needing. You have the option to sport one piece with a basic tee or rock the complete necklace with your date night outfit. There is nothing better than multi-functional pieces in a mom/busy woman’s life. Can I get an amen?

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